Birdhaven, Houghton

Birdhaven, Houghton – partly glass /panoramic Doppler hydraulic lift

The next Jessen Pty ltd lift installation completed, is in Birdhaven, Houghton.

This 5 story mixed use commercial property incorporates several large Penthouses, many businesses and plenty parking. The residents and visitors will be enjoying the partly glass /panoramic Doppler hydraulic lift, 5 stop lift, 630 kg. 0.63 m / Sec. Finished in Inox stainless steel and great ceiling lift design.

The elegant cabin has two glass panes, matching the glass panes on the actual shaft. All the doors also have glass panes bringing in natural light as you move up.

This is an uplifting experience, and may all the users in Birdhaven enjoy. Many happy lift miles and well done to team Jessen Pty ltd.

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