La Lucia Mall

La Lucia Mall managed by the property group Growthpoint provides their shoppers with mobility impairments with a gift, an Lehner OMEGA platform stair lift from Jessen Pty ltd.

This platform stair lift is installed by the banking mall, and it will be used by wheel chair users as well as users with walking impairments.

The wheel chair users will drive on to the platform and use the hand control to get to the top of the stairs.

The walking impaired will fold the seat down, sit on the lift, using the hand control and take themselves to the top of the stairs and down again if needed.

Jessen Pty ltd. has extensive experience with the Austrian manufactured platform stair lift, and the lift has a proven track record of reliability in even the busiest public environments in South Africa including hospitals and many retail environments.

The lift folds up when not in use and takes very little space 300 mm, making it a great choice for any staircase application requiring accessibility.

The design is neat, the lift is easy to operation and unobtrusive.

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