Life Health Brenthurst

Jessen Pty ltd has completed the installation of one of 3 new elevators for Life Health Brenthurst in Johannesburg as part of an extensive general upgrade at the hospital.

This Doppler traction lift, 1475 kg, 1 m/ sec, 5 stop lift with through car layout is located by the pharmacy of the hospital.

A very unique feature on this lift is, online real time monitoring, enabling us to monitor any faults on the lift from our laptops.

As an example, should a door have been bumped by a trolley, the door locks might still work but they are not making perfect contact, and an error is displayed on the controller for a lock fault.

We can see this error, and before the lift actually stops due to the lock fault, we would have already adjusted the locks and the lift will carry on without any interrupt.

This technology enables us to be proactive which improves the up time for the lifts, something of great assistance for health care facilities and many other Jessen Pty ltd clients.

Well done Jessen Pty ltd for an excellent installation.

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